Do you write, photograph, program or film?

Value your creativity to save taxes….

"Whether you are an employee or employer, architect or programmer, designer or consultant, you can use copyright law to maximize your income. "

Explanation of copyright


Copyright taxation is a tax regime that values creators with a preferential tax rate.

In addition to the monetary benefits, you would better protect your intellectual property and creative value.

Before D&D Copyright :

You charge 1000€ to your client - the average cumulative tax rate in Belgium when it exceeds a certain level quickly reaches more than 45% of taxation. You will quickly pay taxes and a risk of higher social security contributions. 

After D&D Copyright

You invoice 1000€ to your customer - a large part of your invoice will be eligible for copyright - You will pay 7.5% effective taxes on your copyright (average and by tier). You have won net 900 €.
As a lawyer specialized in Copyright and RGPD, located in Ixelles, we help you to enhance your creativity and optimize your income.
How can we help you?  
Our mission: to enhance and protect your true value.  
For all types of works (IT, scientific project, graphics, music, books, brochures, advertising, etc.), D&D Copyrights protects your intellectual property in its entirety.
From pleading in court to drafting your contracts, we frequently assist you in asserting your rights as creators.

Defending your intellectual property

- Assistance in Belgium and abroad (Europe and outside Europe). - Drafting of legal documents (copyright contract, confidentiality notice, confidentiality management policy, etc.,...). - Assistance in the creation of the operating contract. - Mediation and resolution of all disputes between the author and his opponent.

Optimization of your copyright income

- Advice and definition of the scope of copyright. - Analysis and evaluation of your rights.

GDPR & Data Management

RGPD & Data Management The new data regulations (GDPR) involve high costs if they are not respected. - Get through this painful step by ensuring the proper management of your data. - Improve your image. - Increase your customers' confidence.

Legal & Legal Advice

Ensure your position of strength against other market and administrative agents through legal assistance. - Advice in decision-making according to the legal and legal framework. - Ongoing support throughout the evolution of your situation.

Can I take advantage of it?

This scheme is open to all workers (self-employed, company managers and employees, associations) who hold copyright in their works in the broad sense. Here is a non-exhaustive list of trades that typically benefit from this regime:

  • Architects

  • Artists

  • Accountants

  • IT Consultants

  • Freelancers

  • NPO

  • S.R.L. & S.A.

  • All Creative Professions

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